Jet skis, kayaks, kite surfing, wakeboards, the list goes on. Surely making full use of thetoys onboard is one of the highlights of any yacht charter?

From sporting equipment to products that offer nothing more than bucket loads offamily fun and from old favourites to new innovations, here is what’s currently high on the MySea wish list when it comes to yachting toys.



We can’t go past one of the most recent additions to the market, the Jetlev-Flyer. If you’ve always dreamed of being able to fly, we don’t think you will be able to either.

The Jetlev-Flyer is a pretty nifty jetpack which you wear on your back. Water is pumped into it and you have the ability to control the speed of which it is pumped out. The aim is to lift off from the surface. It may take a few practice runs, but we guarantee that you’ll be gliding over the water like your favourite superhero in no time.

Inflatable Slide


One for the young and the young at heart, the inflatable slide brings all the fun of the fairground to your yacht – just without the queues and crowds! Slide heights can range from 2 to 18 metres, but the best fun is to be had from the highest point, sliding from the top deck into the sea!

The slides come in a variety of shapes, from straight, to curvy and S shaped, and provides an ideal accompaniment to another of our favourite toys, the Sea Pool.

Sea Pool


The Sea Pool delivers what the name promises, creating a little slice of security no matter where in the sea your yacht has dropped anchor. If you’ve ever attempted to swim in jellyfish infested water you’ll understand the attraction of this family friendly innovation.

The standard size of the sea pool is 5 x 5 m and the frame easily inflates to provide not only a protected swimming area but also a wide perimeter which doubles as the perfectfloating sun bathing platform!

SUP (Stand-up Paddle Boarding)


Have you been bitten by the supping bug yet? Or are you scratching your head, wondering what the term actually means! Supping, or stand-up paddle boarding, effortlessly combines fitness and fun and is the new craze in water sports!

The concept, which originated in Hawaii, sounds simple in theory – essentially it’s the sport of paddling upright on a surfboard. The biggest skill, however, is being able to maintain your balance whilst doing so!



The Seabob, a jet-ski meets body-board innovation, is an eternal charter favourite and if you’ve already tried it, you’ll understand why!

The Seabob offers both above and under water fun, as you can chose to either glide through the waves or take a dive below the surface. Or both! For the more adventurous amongst us, this hand held device can explore depths of up to 40 metres. Of course, you often don’t need to go that down far to experience the wonders of the sea.

For more information on the above toys and more, don’t hesitate to contact the MySea team!

by Chrissie Mcclatchie.

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