The countdown is on to the first edition of the Formula E Monaco ePrix on Saturday May 9th!

You may have heard mention of FIA’s (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) ‘other’ Grand Prix series, but what exactly is it and what can we expect as the show rolls into the Principality, setting for arguably the most highly anticipated, and established, FIA Formula One Grand Prix races of the calendar?

As you may well have surmised, the E in Formula E stands for electric, meaning that the battle for the chequered flag takes place between state of the art electric cars. To the untrained eye, there’s little to distinguish the infrastructure and vehicles from its heart-stopping and thrill-seeking older sibling; the cars look as modern as they are fast, the driver’s young and ultra talented.


Considering, however, that this race series was conceived to draw attention to and encourage the use of sustainable vehicles in our daily lives, there are some key differences which make the Formula E series a marvel in modern technology and here at MySea we can’t wait to witness the cars’ first laps around the Monaco track.

This inaugural season kicked off in Beijing last September and has slowly made its way to Europe via Malaysia, Uruguay, Argentina and the USA. After Monaco, Berlin, Moscow and London round out the season; in total 10 teams and 20 drivers are battling for the title across 11 races.

Some of the host cities are new additions to the FIA family whilst others are established favourites. Yet the tracks all share one essential characteristic; they are all street circuits in urban centres. This is the very same environment in which FIA hopes to encourage and increase the use of electric vehicles, so why hold the championship anywhere else?Which makes our very own Monaco the perfect setting for a Formula E race! With only two weeks separating the ePrix and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the month of May is set to be a veritable motorsport bonanza in the Principality!


As usual, we can’t imagine better seats for the action then onboard your very own charter yacht in Port Hercule as you and your party watch the cars zip past the Kennedy Quay or around the Tabac Corner. The ePrix track is a modified version of the traditional GP circuit, cutting out Casino Square and instead being centred on the port. At 1.76km in length, and with 12 turns, iconic corners like Rascasse are still an essential part of the circuit, and, with the cars able to reach top speeds of 225km/h, will still present a challenge to the drivers.

Arguably, it’s in the pit lane where the race will be won or lost, however. Since the batteries which power their vehicles have the capacity to last 25 to 30 minutes, one driver needs two cars to complete the race. Considering the notorious difficulty of overtaking on the Monaco circuit, the time this tricky pit stop takes could end up being crucial.

Interested in learning more about chartering a yacht for the Monaco ePrix? Contact one of the MySea charter team!

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